What is Innerjoin?

Innerjoin is here to link to a few useful things in and about the Web, things that make it a faster and maybe even a saner place :-)

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Apache and Compression

Many browsers can accept gzip compressed data, uncompress it and display it. Apache can, with various modules, compress data as it is served or read compressed files from disc and uncompress if it is necessary.

Sunbird, Mozilla Calendar and iCal

Notes and Queries about Sunbird, the Mozilla Calendar extension and iCal

Mozilla Calendar adds a diary, 'to do' organiser and journal, based completely on Internet Standards, iCal and XML, to the Mozilla and Firefox browsers. Sunbird gives you the functionality in a stand-alone application.

Service Desk Support Tools

Tracking help calls, incidents, problems, changes and tasks; remembering what the customer asked for, recording what was done? A recipe for disaster without a Support Desk system.

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